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Carla Step | Spain


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Carla’s intuitive approach to photography creates gentle, contemplative photos you’ll want to look twice at.

Why we love Carla

Born and living in Barcelona, Carla’s photography is influenced by the city’s earthy colours and vibrant creative culture. Her work is imbued with an organic sense of calm that flows through her clean compositions, natural backdrops and relaxed portrait subjects.

Carla Step Urth Ambassador

Who is Carla Step?

Carla Step is a visual artist whose photography focuses on the genres of fashion, travel and portraiture. Her training in graphic design and plastic arts, as well as her constant experimentation with photography have defined her style as an artist. Carla shoots with a Sony a7 III and the Urth CPL Plus+ has become a permanent fixture on her lens.

Carla Step Urth Ambassador

Carla Step Urth Ambassador

“I believe a photographer’s work shows a lot of their personality.”

Carla Step Urth Ambassador

Carla Step Urth Ambassador

“I don’t really feel there’s much of a difference between personal and commercial work because I usually work on projects that give me lots of freedom.”

Carla Step Urth Ambassador

Carla Step Urth Ambassador

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